HTC Puts Rumors to Rest; No Vive VR Successor at CES 2017

There won’t be a Vive VR successor at CES 2017, confirms HTC who also added that the company will continue to nurture the VR experience for its current and future Vive users

Unveiling a new Vive VR headset as early as next week would have certainly been harsh on those who have already grabbed the virtual reality headset from HTC. Thankfully, the company won’t be going harsh on them, as the HTC has denied rumors that it will be up with the Vive 2 at CES 2017.

The matter was confirmed with UploadVR by making it clear that there won’t be an unveiling of a new Vive headset at the Consumer Electronics Show that will be taking place next week in Las Vegas. HTC has also assured the original Vive owners that they will continue to experience the best room-scale VR, as HTC is focused on building a strong and growing ecosystem for the current and future Vive owners.

HTC Vive, Vive VR, Steam, Vive VR Amazon, Microsoft StoreThe news should be a relief for all those who have grabbed the headset in the recent holiday sales in which Vive was available at $100 off its original price.

Earlier, it was rumored that HTC was planning to launch a Vive 2 VR headset at CES 2017.  There were also reports that claimed for the support of dual 4K displays in the newer version with 120Hz refresh rate.

The report from Digitimes added that the second generation of Vive headset will come out with wireless transmitter. But instead of having the wireless transmitters on its successor, HTC is planning to cut the chords also for the current Vive VR headsets.

The company has associated with TPCast, who have been working internally at HTC under the Vive X Accelerator program to bring out a wireless upgrade kit. The kit will come out with a battery that will last for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge. A preview version of the wireless kit was also showcased recently. The device is expected to cost around $200 by the time it get ready for shipping, which will be during the first quarter of 2017.

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Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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