Max Brass, Arms’ New DLC Character Out This Week

Arms, the Nintendo Switch exclusive will receive a new DLC character called Max Brass via the July update for the game

Nintendo’s July update will include a new DLC character, the Max Brass, and it will be arriving sooner than many would have expected.

A release date is now available for the new DLC addition, that will be rolled out with the July update. According to the revelation, the character will be arriving as early as this week.

Max Brass, a.k.a The Commish in Japan was announced as the first DLC character to join the roster of the Switch-exclusive Arms. You can catch glimpses of the brawler in action from the video below.

Arms will be a heavy class fighter that will pose some heavy fighting skill. Apart from Max Brass, Arms will also be receiving other new fighters along with new stages and new Arms. This will be accompanying future updates. As with the July update, there will be plenty of new additions, all of which will be revealed as soon as we get to know about them.

As with Max Brass, he will be available for free download from July 12. So prepare your arms gamers, it will be quite a challenge.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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