Atari’s Latest Surprise is a Wearable Hat that can Double Up as a Speaker

Atari is taking gaming sounds close to your ears literally with its new experimental wearable, called the Speakerhat

Atari is having more surprises than just the Ataribox. The company is now pulling out a new wearable off the hat, and it’s not something which you would have witnessed before.

Basically, it’s a hat. But not just an ordinary hat. Just put it on and you would feel the hat doubling up as a headset, or rather a speaker to be more precise.

The Speakerhat comes with built-in speakers placed right below the visor. The wearer could stream to their favorite music or even make calls using the built-in Bluetooth connection. The device is rechargeable, though there’s no word on what kind of port it will be offering.

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Atari’s Speakerhat can also sync up with other speakers to get the same audio streamed at the same time for different wearers. Atari does intend to improve on its design and engineering. That’s required; we just don’t find it too amusing to have speakers with a hat sound. A headset would have made it cool for some gamers at least. We hope they do focus on such fine-tuning in future.

The Speakerhat is currently up for beta-testing, and you can register here if you want a piece. Ten lucky users will be chosen for beta testing.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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