Ataribox Won’t be a Complete Retro Console like the Mini NES

Ataribox will be binding together retro games and modern games under a single hood, something which worryingly has not yet worked out on micro-consoles

Atari is all set to bring back the classic Atari 2600 console in the form of Ataribox. Indeed, they are taking a leaf from Nintendo’s success book with the Mini NES. But they are not completely following their footsteps, however.

Atari has now given out more info regarding its retro console rebirth. Seemingly, it won’t be a true console reiteration after all. Unlike the NES, Ataribox won’t confine the availability of games to the retro segment. Instead, it will feature support for a host of modern games too.

That’s in addition to the support for additional features like an SD card support, HDMI port, and four USB ports along with a possible Ethernet port. This is a huge upgrade considering the lack of availability of any ports in the Nintendo NES. Pointing to those additions, Atari has mentioned that the internal specs could be modern as well.

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We will just have to wait to see the power that’s packed inside to judge the level of games we will be able to play with the retro rebirth. Be it any case, micro-consoles have often failed to bind them both together under a single hood. So it would really be interesting to see how Atari copes up with the challenge.

As with the design, Atari is paying perfect homage to the ATari 2600 that was first launched in 1977. The console will be out in red/black combo as well as in a wooden version, which will further share the resemblance with the original console.


Atari is yet to reveal any information on pricing and availability of the console. They are still on the process of fine-tuning the console as per community feedback, so it wouldn’t be arriving imminently, we guess.

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Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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