Battle Splash Goes Free Open Beta on Steam

Battle Splash had been on closed beta for a while, and the game has now emerged for the Free Open Beta on Steam. That also means that the game is open to anyone who wishes to test the game, pre-release.

Set in a fresh location christened Paper World, all you see around is paper. The game will let you also try out two brand new modes, apart from the traditional team free for all mode, said Mai Nguyen Binh Hung, the creator of Battle Splash.

While one of the new modes, Team Tactics Mode, is a round-based game mode with no instant respawn that will push player’s skill to the limit while testing their teamwork, the Team SBot Guidance mode  is also a round-based game mode that would feature a big robot called SBot. All you need to do is to disable SBot by attacking the robot, capture it and let it travel to the base.

What makes these two new modes different from the Team Free For All mode is that they have been designed to be competitive and balanced, and would extract some good amount of teamwork plus skills if you are to emerge winner.

The Battle Splash Beta will be Free Open Beta till September 22.


Author: Sanjeev Ramachandran

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