Blizzard’s Third Overwatch Statue is of Widowmaker

The 13.5 hand-painted statue of Widowmaker from Overwatch is now available for pre-order at Blizzard Collectible storefront

Blizzard is adding its third statue for Overwatch following the release of statues of Tracer and Reaper. Up next in the collectible lineup is now revealed to be of Widowmaker.

The pre-order for the 13.5-inch Widowmaker statue has now been commenced, and it’s gonna stir your pockets if you are planning to grab one. The pricing of the statue has been fixed at $150. The developers are planning to ship out the statue during Q3 this year.

The hand-painted statue will be added to Blizzard Collectibles, the newly grouped storefront that features high-end statues, replicas and artwork from the developers.

The storefront currently has got statues of Tracer and Reaper from Overwatch, as well as an Illidan and Grommash Hellscream statue from World of Warcraft. The storefront also features a Hearthstone Collectible Keepsake Box that illuminates and plays the Hearthstone theme song when opened.

More items are inbound, as Blizzard has promised the addition of new collectibles over this year. We can expect more of Overwatch statues to be arriving.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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