Capcom Igniting Darkstalkers Resurrection

Capcom has announced Darkstalkers Resurrection, a digital collection of the franchise heading to consoles next year. The title was announced during a Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Panel at New York Comic Con.

It’ll be developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and include arcade versions of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 bundled as a downloadable offering. The bundling together of the titles was a must according to Capcom, realizing the series’ fan base was divided between the two games.

Producer Derek Neal told that they were agonizing over which to release as they were the two most popular, fan-favorite games of the people who have played Darkstalkers way back. There’s a group that loves Darkstalkers 2 and a group that loves Darkstalkers 3.

Neal added that Capcom legend Yoshinori Ono is hoping to see the series come back even further with an altogether new effort. Ono has a dream of revitalizing the Darkstalkers franchise, and this is the first step to get there.

He also said that Ono wants Darkstalkers 4. Darkstalkers Resurrection will run $14.99 and is expected out on PSN and XBLA in early 2013.

The significant features will be:

  • Both Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 are faithful to the original arcade release of the games.
  • The games can be played with a variety of HD filtering options along with several viewing modes ranging from full screen to over the shoulder arcade mode for those who want to re-live the classic arcade experience.
  • GGPO-enabled online game play helps create a virtually lag-free fighting game experience that now includes upgraded matchmaking, with additional options such as region matching, ping lock and ping display.
  • Players will be able to save replays of their match and upload it to either the game’s match server or directly to YouTube.
  • Players waiting for their turn to fight will be able to participate by viewing and discussing ongoing matches with Spectator Mode. “Watch With Friends” mode allows players in a private room to download or stream matches, where they can provide comments and discuss in real time.
  • Challenge/Tutorial Mode features in-depth tutorials that teach useful strategies for each character. When challenges are successfully accomplished, during Challenge/Tutorial Mode or during regular game play, points are earned which can be redeemed to unlock vault items such as concept artwork, videos and more.

Author: Rajiv Gopal

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