Dust2 in CS:GO Gets Refined with Quadruple Texture Resolution

Dust2 isn’t the same anymore in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as Valve has refined it with multiple additions including improved textures and other upgrades.

Dust2, the most iconic of all the maps from Counter-Strike is receiving an update in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The new version, said to be an updated and refined version, will feature quadruple the texture resolution when being compared to the original one that featured in CS:GO.

Altogether, the new map makes it brighter and adds new environmental effects including worn walls. However, the developers had made it sure that the structure and layout of the map haven’t been affected with the tweaks. Indeed, that’s music to ears.

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The busted car in bombsite B, however, has been pushed further away. But this should allow for more free player flow around it according to Valve. The bomb site is also now on the same level as of the rest of the area and doesn’t anymore feature an elevation. As with Bomb Site A, the drain pipes have been removed to ease the peeking of players around corners. The back wall’s dark doorways have also been taken down.

The pizza parlors have also been replaced now by dentist’s offices, and it definitely isn’t any coincidence. You can play the new version of Dust2 by accessing the beta division of CS:GO. Check out the official detailing of the map to know more about the improvements.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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