Dead Synchronicity Arrives Exclusively for iPad

Michael, without a memory and without a past, struggles through a world he no longer knows. This is when you should be joining him. What we are talking about here is the new release from Daedalic Entertainment and Fictiorama Studios, titled Dead Synchronicity. The title is being offered exclusively for the iPad.


What you get to encounter is a planet ravaged by natural disasters and a mysterious plague. This where humans turn into the “dissolved”, their bodies slowly liquifying into bloody goo.

Before they meet their cruel end, though, the dissolved gain special mental abilites. Michael has to act fast or he would fail to stop the impending moment of Dead Synchronicity; the moment when time will dissolve itself.

Bringing to the fore a dystopian Sci-fi scenario with hand-drawn 2D visuals and classic adventure gameplay, Dead Synchronicity comes across as a classic Point & Click adventure game. Pick yours at the App Store  for 4,99 EUR.

Before you would want to dive deep into the ravaged planet, here is the trailer.


Author: Sanjeev Ramachandran

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