Destiny 2 Will Arrive on PC; Big Revamps Expected

Destiny 2 is all set to be built from scratches to pursuit Bungie’s ambition of making the sequel massive. As a result, the game will see its expansion to PC along with some major revamps.

Bungie is going big with the sequel for the sci-fi shared world shooter Destiny. According to the latest reports, Destiny 2 will be arriving on PC platforms along with PS4 and Xbox One.

The news comes from multiple sources as reported by Kotaku. Going by the changes Bungie have underwent earlier this year, the developments doesn’t look a surprise either.

After parting ways with Howard Ryan, Bungie roped in Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy to continue with the developement of Destiny 2. The pair had previously worked for The Taken King expansion, which was heavily lauded at the same time.

Along with the PC version, Bungie is also working on building the Destiny 2 game from scratches. This should sound interesting, but the same may also force Bungie to leave behind many things from the original to pursuit their heavy ambitions.

Destiny 2

The most disappointing omission for players would be the dropping of player characters, which has been one of the most engaging for the Destiny fans. That’s not it, Destiny 2 could also bring other massive changes to get it branded as something entirely fresh.

The game will also undergo changes that will effectively help in not testing the user patience levels. This involves removing the boundary spaces between Towns and outposts to cut down waiting time in menus and loading screens.

In a way, this should also relieve the game server with minimal stress. Bungie is also mooting for other changes including addition of areas with both social and gunplay elements.

Destiny 2, which was supposed to get released by this time, has went through a one year delay like its predecessor earlier, pushing its release date to 2017.

The game will also not be made available for the older gen platforms; PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Bungie has already given the indication by shunning the respective versions for its latest Rise of Iron expansion that arrived this month.

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Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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