Destiny 2 Reveal Event to Feature PC & PS4 Hands-On Experience

Destiny 2 Reveal Event will let attendees go hands-on with the PC version of the game alongside showcasing the PS4 version

The first gameplay footage of Destiny 2 can be experienced not so far from now. Bungie will be holding a big Destiny 2 reveal event in not more than two weeks from now, and there are plenty of reasons for the gamers to get excited about.

The prime reason will be the showcase of the hands-on PC experience of Destiny 2 alongside the PS4 version. That’s something which PC users can cheer about, as they will not have to wait until the release to experience the differences in the respective version.

Indeed, it’s a bold move, given the occasions at which the PC experience gets spoiled by developers being not more than just sporadic.

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The information was revealed by YouTuber SkillUp, who has posted the information on Reddit. Accordingly, the attendees of the event will also be allowed to capture footage from the demo. Bungie has not put any restriction on capture. Plus, there are a lot of YouTubers invited for the event. So be prepared to witness a plethora gameplay footage of Destiny 2 post the reveal event.We are sure the count would be enough to get you through till the betas.

Destiny 2 reveal event will be hosted in Los Angeles on the 18th of May at 10 am Pacific time. The live stream of the event is expected to show up alongside.


Destiny 2 will be arriving for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 8.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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