Disney Kids TV Streaming Box will Let Kids Play a Bunch of Games

Disney Kids TV, manufactured by peripheral company Snakebyte, will also have an optional Disney-themed game controller that can be purchased separately

Disney has introduced a cool streaming box for kids that can also let them play a bunch of games. Called the Disney Kids TV box, this new streaming box was introduced at CES, and is priced at $99.

For that price, you will be able to stream a variety of movies and TV contents in addition to playing games. The device will also let you play music, all of which we believe will be bonded with Disney properties. The device will essentially focus on kid-centered content, but will also be powered by a decent hardware beneath its hoods.

Disney Kids TV Box is made by  peripheral company Snakebyte. Games can be played through Bluetooth controllers, while the makers are also introducing an optional Disney-themed game controller which can be purchased separately.

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An early prototype of the device was showcased at CES, and it featured some vibrant Disney themes including Frozen and Mickey Mouse. The final product is said to be coming out with more of such themes. In addition to that, it will also feature Disney content, alongside promising a total ad-free experience.

There is no word yet on the complete list of games that will be made available. Disney already has a cool library of games for the Android ecosystem that includes games like Star Wars, Frozen Free Fall, Temple Run: Oz and Disney Dream Treats. We believe that all of those will be carried forward to its new gaming-cum-streaming box.

Disney Kids TV Box will be arriving on markets by 2017.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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