This Homemade Nintendo Switch can run all the Classic Games

The NinTIMdo RP, powered by a Raspberry Pi and open source emulation software, can run all those classic games the original Nintendo Switch can’t

Nintendo Switch is loved by all. But when it comes to playing those classic games of Nintendo, you have to depend on the small bunch of games made available. That’s when you shift to the SNES Classic. But, maybe you want to shift to something else, something that’s purely homemade.

Take cues from Tim Lindquist, a hardware modder, and you can build your own Switch-akin console that can play all the classic Nintendo games made available till date, whether it be made available for Switch or not. Not just the classic ones, the DIY Switch can run any retro title which you could imagine of, thanks to its open source emulation software.

Check out the below video to learn about the building process.

The NinTIMdo RP, packs a Raspberry Pi inside a 3D printed case design that resembles the hybrid console from Nintendo. A microcontroller sits inside, connecting the physical button inputs to the Raspberry Pi. Additionally, there’s a 100000mAh battery and a MicroUSB connection as well. It also arrays LED lights to alert you of volume and battery levels. And on top of all that is a 7-inch touchscreen display.

The software comes with RetroPie and EmulationStation to run games with an authentic console feel. Altogether, you can have a Switch of your dreams, but sans the Joy Con controller, which remains the only missing thing in this DIY device.

You can view the 3D models and entire source code on his website and Github, where a detailed build tutorial is about to show up.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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