Battlefield 1 Unlocks DLC Maps Access to Non-Premium Pass Owners

Premium Friends, the new feature introduced in Battlefield 1 will let premium pass owners share the DLC map access with their friends

Dice has introduced a new feature for Battlefield 1 that will finally unlock the access to DLC maps for non-premium pass owners. Called Premium Friends, this new feature will let sharing of DLC maps within a group, provided at least one in the group owns the premium pass.

This should finally solve the issue for many players of not being able to play DLC maps with friends who doesn’t own them. There is no restriction as to availability of maps, but there are certain things to be kept in mind.

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XP points will only be gained by those who owns a premium pass if a map is shared. As with the rest, they will still be banked with the XP, which can be availed if purchasing the DLC content later on. Similarly, the feature will unlock only map access to all. Weapons or vehicles from the expansion will still be available only for the Premium Pass owners, or anyone who owns the particular DLC.

The feature will initially be tested with the Battlefest event, which commences today, on March 30th. A decision on the official roll out will be taken after heeding to the feedback.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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