Dying Light is Receiving a Bunch of DLCs, Thanks to the Dedicated Community

A total of ten DLCs will be made available for Dying Light in a span of one year from now, with an additional specimen arriving imminently.

Dying Light is still keeping up the excitement among gamers. The very fact is now pushing the developers to deploy new updates that should sure delight the community.

TechLand, the developer of Dying Light, has revealed its plans to continue the free support for the open world zombie game. This would mean the arrival of ten new DLCs that will make way to the game in a course of nearly a year. The biggest news; all of them will be free on all platforms.

As per the words of Tymon Smektala, the producer, the new DLCs will add new enemies that will be more challenging. Alongside, new game events and mysteries will also be brought along. That’s not the end of the list either, so there’s plenty to get delighted.

To get you in knack with the coming updates, TechLand has already released a new content drop that will have new enemies and other contents. This will be an additional DLC apart from the ten that have been announced. Check the announcement from the video below.

Called Content Drop #0, the DLC is meant to be a “lead-in” to the upcoming DLC drops. The additions include a new faction of soldiers and a new type of enemy. According to a press release, the soldiers are “set to cause havoc in the Old Town,” while the zombie is referred to as a Mutated Goon. You can check it from the video below.

Dying Light still attracts over 500,000 active users on weekly basis. That’s some numbers for a game that has been popular in the mainstream. The biggest strength is with the dedicated users. At the time of launch, Dying Light had around 700,000 active weekly users. So that’s not a big drop for a game that’s been around for three years.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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