Delay of BioWare’s New IP not Owing to Andromeda’s Cold Reception: EA

EA insisted in its earnings report briefing that there was no relation between BioWare’s new IP delay and Andromeda’s lukewarm reception

The delay of the upcoming title from BioWare has nothing to do with the underwhelming reception received by Mass Effect Andromeda, insists EA. Instead, the game’s delay is attributed by reasons associated with the game itself.

EA has recently published the earnings report for Q4 2017. As per the briefing of the publisher, the new IP of BioWare has been delayed to FY 2019. It means that the game won’t be arriving before April 2018. The game was earlier expected to get released by March 2018. But as per the new revelation, it can get delayed as far as up to March 2019.

The move appears to have followed the decision of EA to skip a lukewarm reception like that of its recent Mass Effect Andromeda. The game released with a string of technical hitches associated with it, and it subsequently was rated the lowest among the Mass Effect series.

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However, EA has stated that the failure of Mass Effect Andromeda in generating adequate post-release interest was not the reason for the delay in the new IP. Those are completely unrelated according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson who pointed out the creative process involved with the game to be the reason throttling the new IP.

As with the new IP, it will be a new opportunity for the studio and EA to come up with stuff that has never been attempted before. That should somewhat soothe the ears for the anticipated ones. EA is yet to officially announce the name of the game, and it’s expected that they will be spilling the beans at E3 next month.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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