Everspace Encounters DLC Now Available with New Contents and Hours of Gameplay

Encounters, the first DLC for space shooter game Everspace is now available on Steam, bringing in over 10 hours of contents, new weapons, devices and more. 

Everspace, the roguelike space shooter game by Rockfish Games, is receiving its first expansion. The DLC, called Encounters, is now available for Everspace from Steam.

Adding over 10 hours of extra gameplay, the expansion also features a new player ship, weapons, devices and consumables. It will also introduce new gameplay mechanics with the addition of new locations and space stations.

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Here’s what the official description reads:

Space pilots can look forward to flying the Colonial Sentinel, which handles similarly to the Interceptor with its mid-class engine and average maneuverability, but with impressively sophisticated electronic warfare capabilities. The Sentinel comes with its exclusive and powerful Shield ST, featuring twice the capacity of the standard model. What makes this fighter stand out in the Colonial Fleet are its exclusive EMP Generator to stun enemies and its perks for fast-hacking security doors, comm hubs, and jump suppressors as well as for adding a fourth modding slot to any device or primary weapon. Also, pilots can choose from five special skins for any of the player ships.

Speaking of the new weapons, the Lighting Gun will deal damages that arcs to nearby enemies, while the Neutron Cannon can devastate enemies with increasing area damage. Pilots who want to barrage multiple foes at once can take resort of the new Seeker Missile Battery. There’s also a new Plasma Thrower that creates a massive spurt of plasma to deal a tone of damage over time.

The DLC is now available on Steam for $9.99. Everspace Encounters is also available as part of the Everspace Ultimate Edition, which includes the original soundtrack and an art book along with the core game in a bundle discounted at 25%.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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