Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood Expansion Release Date Confirmed

Publisher Square Enix has revealed that the second expansion for Final Fantasy 14, called the Stormblood, will be hitting the consoles on June 20, 2017

Stormblood, the next expansion for Final Fantasy 14 has got a confirmed release date. Publisher Square Enix has revealed that the new expansion will be hitting PC machines and PlayStation consoles on June 20, 2017. The release date was confirmed during the game’s Fan Fest even that was held this weekend.

The new expansion will be set in the location of Ala Mhigo, where players will be pitted against Zenos, the bad guy in the expansion.

Along with this Stormblood will also add new areas, which the publishers say will offer game content worth that of a full standalone game. Players will meet new Primals, dungeons, high-end raids and more, all of which will be introduced through the fourth residential area that is being added through the expansion. The setting for the new residential area wasn’t unveiled before as it was tied to the main story line.

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With the new expansion, players can expect a total overhaul in the battle system that will also cover the skill system. Switching between jobs will be made more easier with the re-categorized skills. Alongside, the inventory will also be receiving a huge expansion as per the earlier revelations. We will get to know more about the overhauls in the coming days.

Square Enix announced the latest expansion back in October during the keynote of Final Fantasy XIV’s 2016 Fan Festival in Las Vegas. Back then, it was announced that Stormblood will be arriving in early summer 2017. It is the second expansion for Final Fantasy 14, and it follows the first expansion that was releases earlier, called Heavensward.

Stormblood will also mark the end of support for Final Fantasy 14 for the PlayStation 3 console. Pre-orders for Stormblood will commence on January 24th.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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