First Look of Battlefield 1 DLC ‘They Shall Not Pass’

They Shall Not Pass, the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 1 is heading next month, and it will be adding new maps along with weaponry and game mode addition

Battlefield 1’s upcoming DLC ‘They Shall Not Pass’ is currently live in community test environment. Thanks to the testers that we now have an early sneak peak of what to expect from the DLC when it arrives next month.

Given below are some footage captured by Westie that include previews of three of the four new map additions, and a walk-through of the French cavalry. Each video is over 10 minutes, but it’s worth sparing the time to get a knack of what you would be experiencing next month.

The DLC will be adding four new maps to the game, namely Verdun Heights, Fort De Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture. Apart from that, the map will also be adding the French Troops along with a new game mode called Frontlines. The game mode will task you with the duty of grabbing control points in a tug-of-war frontline. Teams will have to fight for a single flag at a time, the completion of which will take the teams for their next flag-capture mission.

‘They Shall Not Pass’ will also add new weaponry including the Char 2C tank and the St. Chamond tank of the french army, and the new Siege Howitzer that works similar to a field gun. Other weaponry added to the game are Ribeyrolles 1918, RSC 1917, Lebel Model 1886, Chauchat, Sjögren Inertial, and the MLE 1903 Extended, and melee weapons including the Cogwheel Club, the Nail Knife and the Trench Fleur.

The DLC will also add two new operations titled The Devil’s Anvil and Beyond the Marne, and they will dealing with close quarter fights and intense tank battles.

 They Shall Not Pass will be arriving in March according to the announcement from DICE, and it should be costing around $15.
via VG247

Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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