Fortnite Update 1.8 is Now Live; Includes Halloween Events and Contents

Fortnite update 1.8 adds new Halloween contents to the Fortnite’s PvE alongside featuring other changes for Save the World and Battle Royale

Fortnite update 1.8 has now been made available, and it comes with a plethora of new contents including those for Halloween. Additionally, the game also gets upgrades to both Save the World and Battle Royale.

Developer Epic Games is celebrating the Halloween weekend with Fortnite by introducing Fortnitemares inside update 1.8. The addition introduces new Halloween contents to the Fortnite’s PvE from today.

The new upgrade for Save the World will partake in original story missions across the new Hexsylvania area. Players will get the chance to encounter new Halloween creatures, weapons and other spooky contents.

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Alongside, Battle Royale also gets upgraded with new leaderboards and Season Levels. Additional features like player progression and quality-of-life improvements are also being introduced. New cosmetic items for heroes are also available inside the update. Alongside, Epic Games will also bring in other additions that were announced earlier this month.

As with the purchasable items in shops, new additions include outfits, gliders, and pickaxes along with the rest. You can read the entire patch note for Fortnite update along with the new contents for Save the World and Battle Royale from the update notes on the official website.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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