GTA Online’s Upcoming Mode will Make You Walk Down the Memory Lane

GTA Online is receiving a new mode that will add a new stunt racing mode which can be played with top-down view

It all started from the top for GTA. Yes, the top-down view that was present in the initial GTA games. Things got changed with GTA III, but GTA Online is giving a rebirth to the classic view in the most modern game in the series.

A new mode will be arriving next week in GTA Online, and it’s called Tiny Racers. Just as the name suggest, this new mode will feature racing gameplay in the all-new top-down view mode that will be similar to the camera in GTA 1 and GTA 2.

The camera will sure give you an arcade feel of the racing stunts by shrinking the vehicles to make the appear as Micro Machines. The tracks have also been made a touch-and-go, or at least it seems so from the way it appears in the following trailer video. But it still would be fun to walk down the memory aisle.

Tiny Racers mode will be available for all the platforms on April 25. Ahead of that, GTA Online is also offering a massive number of discounts and bonuses exclusive for today, and it includes custom upgrades to vehicles and other bonuses of up to 50% increased profits from businesses.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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