Halo Wars 2 Launched sans Competitive Multiplayer Ranking System

The competitive multiplayer ranking system in Halo Wars 2 has been held to up the game balance before a timely ranked playlist pumps in

Halo Wars 2 has finally made its way onto Xbox One and Windows. But there’s a noticeable absence: the competitive multiplayer ranking system.

Developers at 343 Industries and Creative Assembly explained that the ranking system has been sidelined to continue their work with the game balance during the launch time. The aim is to pump up the balance of the game to the core before they get the competitive multiplayer ranking introduced. That’s despite opening up a couple of beta campaigns of Halo Wars 2 before its launch on February 21.

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The game does feature skill-based matchmaking, except for that it doesn’t display the associated player rank. As of now, Halo Wars 2 will highlight your Spartan Rank, which is associated with XP progression instead of skill.

But that doesn’t seem enough for most of the Halo Wars 2 who have deemed the absence of any real motivation to get charged for competitive multiplayer at the moment.

According to Microsoft, unranked environment would impose little stress over new players and make the game more inviting for them. Besides, balancing issues would only cause little trouble in unranked ‘no-stakes’ environment.

Halo Wars 2 would possibly be adding the ranked playlist or season with a DLC. This shall simultaneously hand some extra time for the developers to input new fixes. Microsoft is urging the fans to consider the time as a pre-season until they kick off the ranked playlist. This should also be a natural opportunity to resent and roll-over a new season with the introduction of new leaders.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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