Here’s what to Expect from the Winter Events in Destiny 2

From hockey mini-game to snowball fights, Destiny 2 will host an array of fun-filled contents in the upcoming winter events that will kickstart the Season 2 contents

It isn’t even Halloween yet, but Bungie is playing cards ahead of the course. At TwitchCon 2017, the developer has revealed what it holds up its sleeves for the upcoming winter events arriving in Destiny 2 this holiday.

Known as The Dawning, the winter events this year will let players play games related to winter including hockey and snowball throws. The hockey mini-game will be introduced on par with the soccer mini-game that is currently available in the game. As with the snowball game, players will be able to retrieve the used snowballs once the damage is done to the enemies after throwing at them.

The duration for The Dawning will be limited, so players will have to show up when it’s available. The events will be part of the kickoff contents for Season 2 in Destiny that will be followed by additional events and contents next releasing next year.

Additionally, Bungie will also have winter-themed armor made available in Destiny 2. Three new outfits for different character classes in the game will be made available, with all bearing a silver color theme. The under-armor will don a sky-blue color to make the blend go in tune with the holiday moods.

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Additional items will also be made available, but details of those are yet to be out. There’s also no word about the Sparrow Racing, and going by the words, The Dawning will certainly be lacking it. Players do have the alternate in the form of Prestige Raid and Trials of the Nine. The latter has been suspended on consoles for the next two week but is scheduled to resume its service by November 3rd.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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