The Food Critic, Hitman’s Final Elusive Target of 2016 is Now Live

The final Elusive target of Hitman will assign Agent 47 to take down Wen Ts’ai, an arrogant & sadistic food critic who is loathed by restaurants

Just because there are only a few hours left for this year to wind up doesn’t mean Agent 47 can start celebrating his New year eve. IO Interactive is up with the final Elusive Target in Hitman for 2016, and this time, they are sending Agent 47 to Bangkok.

But this time, Agent 47 won’t be taking down a mass murderer, or an international thief. Instead, his hunt will be behind a food critic this time. Yes, you heard it right.

Wen Ts’ai is his name, and he is not that critic who wins everyone’s heart. He is that sadistic critic who finds joy in scribbling down bad reviews of restaurants. It’s not a surprise for why restaurants hate him, and his attitude has made some one feel that his death should be inevitable.

Wen Ts’ai will be there in Bangkok for seven days, and he is being joined by private security guards. You can check the official site for more details.

The episodic Hitman game, which has claimed much appreciation, has made the series revive from the previous falls. A physical version of Hitman will be made available next month for $60, and it will include the first six episode from the game. Those who pre-order will also get additional goodies like Requiem Legacy Suit, Blood Money Shirt, Tie and Gloves, Silenced ICA-19 Chrome weapon, and White Runner Duck Explosive.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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