Innovative Strategy Game Legends of Callasia Goes Live on Kickstarter

The off-centered upheaval with strategic games continues to evolve in the gaming industry, and the latest to join the list is BoomZap Entertainment’s Legends of Callasia.

The fantasy conquest game has now commenced its crowdfunding campaign, and is on the verge of being yet another ingenious strategic game.

The turn-based game  is being developed to cater to both the traditional strategic game lovers, as well as the ones that loves to finish things off in a hurry.

With new, inventive controls in action, Legends of Callasia takes you through a gameplay that will see ‘endless strategies’.


The mission here is to conquer the world of Callasia with your favorite groups using multiple strategies that are churned out from traditional strategic gameplay.

However, the shorter gameplay and new controls ensure that you get to experience an all new mode of strategic gameplay.

A wide array of options will be hurled to the players, with which players can fix on their preferred heroes, maps, factions and more.

You will also have a wide arsenal at your disposal that will help you conquer the world through various forms of attacks, be that using aerial missile charges, or using melee weaponry.

Players can take part in casual play, as well as ranked play, including option to play multiplayer battles with friends using the friend finder feature.

Players can also engage with a single opponent under the Skirmish mode, or decide to take on multiple opponents in the Multiplayer mode, where up to six players can engage in the world of Callasia.


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Currently, Legends of Callasia is running its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where users can pledge as low as $1 to gain some healthy in-game rewards once it comes out. Those include new kingdoms, heroes, and more. The game is also listed on Steam Greenlight.

You can also have the beta version of the game accessed from PC and iPads now. The final version of the game will also be made available for Android and Mac devices.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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