It’s Snowing Assassin’s Creed III

An avalanche of information regarding Assassin’s Creed III is sweeping across the internet since the past couple of days, so we thought we would add to them too. Hence, here’s our barrel of things we know about the anticipated game.

Though named as Assassin’s Creed III, this is technically the fifth instalment in the Assassin’s Creed series. Ubisoft has been working on the game’s development since they released Assassin’s Creed II way back in 2009. That’s almost three years of development and three games later, and the amount of time and resource put into building this title has brought on immense hope of having a splendid game later this year.

After meeting the dutiful Altair and the vengeful Ezio Auditore, we are introduced to a new Assassin in the upcoming title. As you already know by now, our new hero’s name is Ratohnhaké:ton, or you could simply call him Connor, and he’s part Brit and part Native American. Connor’s village is ripped apart when he was a child and he grows up with that frustration boiling inside him, which drives him to bring justice.

Ubisoft has decided to bring in more realism into Connor and will be rendering more bones in the face, and the game will switch to high resolution faces during conversations to bring in a realistic approach. Ubisoft will be tying up all the motion, voice and facial motion capture simultaneously.

When we come to the setting of the game, you’ll find that the 18th century North American layout is the biggest area when compared to the cities of the previous games. There are two main locations where the gameplay hangs around, namely Boston and New York. The city life has been modified and the cities are mainly made of wood, having sloped roofs and wide streets. Our Assassin can navigate through interior spaces, which was not much of an option during the prequels.

Connor can also interact with moving obstacles, which in this game also includes cars. Moreover, Ubisoft has improved the AI of the city dwellers, thus these wayside people will pay more attention to their surroundings and won’t repeat their actions often. There are other cities which you can access during the game, like Philadelphia, but they are out of bounds for exploration.

I don’t know how many of you have realised this, but there have been no presence of children in the previous Assassin’s Creed games. But in AC III, children will be included for the first time, and you can’t kill them.

Besides the cities, there is a vast area of wilderness, called as the Frontier. The Frontier is where a chunk of the action takes place, and it will help Connor hone his skills and craft. And we said it is wilderness, so you can expect herds of hungry animals to stalk the area.

There will be trees and rocks and more trees, and Connor will be able to climb trees, flit from branch to branch and jump from rock to rock as he pursues his prey. As an added factor to Connor’s surroundings, the developers have decided to include the come and go of seasons. Changing seasons and weather will have an impact on the game you play, and you will find ways to navigate and hunt though inches of snow.

Switching on to Connor’s armory, or protagonist gets to use a tomahawk, knife, bow and arrows, guns and his signature hidden blades. He can wield the tomahawk and knife as a pair, so you can either fight dual wielding or with a single weapon. The choice and use of weapons will be critical in the gameplay.

Muskets, which were in large use during the 18th century, is present in the game, and its poor accuracy and reloading time can affect the game. If you encounter enemies firing at you with muskets, you can time your strike according to their reloading time, as a musket after firing requires about a minute to reload.

There are reportedly different viewing modes, which is an improvement to the Eagle Vision we use in the prequels. The different modes can be used to look for enemies. And he can also hunt for them by scent, using dogs, or following their bloodstains or footprints especially in snowy conditions.

Connor will be able to hunt animals, and the way you hunt can determine the reward you get. The cleaner kill gets the most reward, so it’s a basis for sharpening your skill. Ubisoft also outlined the inclusion of “uneven surfaces” but they fear that players will likely miss it due to its subtlety.

With lots of work behind the game, you can expect an engrossing story. Ubisoft has promised a strong story with lots of twists and turns. Desmond will be there and Ubisoft said that his role will be an important one as well as fun to play.



Author: Vishnudas Nandan

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