Killer Instinct will see its Windows Store exclusivity axed with the game preparing to make an entry on Valve’s storefront, the dates of which are yet to be revealed

Having trouble downloading Killer Instinct from Microsoft’s online shops for your Windows 10 devices? You won’t have to bear the frustration for long, as the developer has now confirmed an alternate route to fetch the fighting game on to your Windows 10.

Developer Iron Galaxy has now confirmed that Killer Instinct will be pushing its way onto Steam at some point in 2017, although not revealing the exact dates. More details are inbound, as the developer has also not given any info on whether there would be additional contents with the entry on Steam. It needs to be seen whether there will be any added incentives for the existing owners if making the leap.

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Nevertheless, the confirmation of the Steam entry is a sigh of relief for many users, also in the scope that the trend is gaining some pace. The fair truth is that Microsoft’s online store has still not become the place they have wished to be with regard to game titles. Gamers still rely on Steam and other marketplaces to fetch their favorite games. The fact that Killer Instinct will follow the path of Quantum Break is a hint that Microsoft is slowly acknowledging this fact.

A sudden gush of Microsoft game is never to be expected on Steam. However, we could see more pace in the third-party push to make the games more accessible rather than just narrowing it through Windows Store only approach.

As with other news, Killer Instinct will soon be receiving a new downloadable character. Called Eagle, the character was featured at CEO 2017 before the grand finals of the game’s tournament. You can have more details of the new entry from the video below.