Legends of Callasia Appears on Steam Early Access

Legends of Callasia, the turn-based strategy game from Boomzap Entertainment, is finally showing up for its big release. After having hopped through a successful Steam GreenLight campaign, the game is now gearing up for its release, ahead of which it has now entered Steam Early Access.

The developers have made available both the full version of the game, as well as a demo version for users to get used with the intuitive controls before they take up the real battle. The demo version is available for free on Early Access, while the full version game can be accessed from the main menu for $15.99.

The price of the game will go up to $19.99 upon the final release.

Legends of Callassia puts forward a new intuitive strategic game which make use of the traditional strategic gameplay elements in an all new mode. The game will also include both casual single player modes and multiplayer modes, including a new ranked play system. You can check all the details from the Steam page.

The game will also be heading out to Mac later on, which will be followed by Android and iOS releases subsequently.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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