Hangar 13 to Roll out Three DLCs for Mafia 3 This Year


Mafia 3 will be receiving three expansions before July this year, all of which will have a story-focused approach with compelling narrative

Mafia 3 fans won’t have a dry year ahead. Developer Hangar 13 has revealed that Mafia 3 will be having successive DLC releases for the first part of the year.  The game will be receiving three paid story expansions this year before the end of July.

The first of them will be arriving by the end of next month, and it’s called ‘Faster, Baby’. Like the name sounds, this story expansion will introduce new fast cars, dramatic chases and epic stunt driving according to the developers. Lincoln can be seen teaming up with Roxy Laveau to take down a corrupt sheriff.

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The second expansion is called ‘Stones Unturned’. This will be coming out after two months since the release of the first story mode, i.e. in May. Lincoln will be reuniting with CIA agent John Donovan to settle an old feud from their Vietnam war memories.

The final story expansion is ‘Sign of Times,’ and it will be arriving on July this year. The expansion will feature the ritualistic killings linked to a cult. It will take the central protagonist from the “dark heart of the old bayou to the drug-ridden counterculture of the inner city.”

All the three expansions assures to deliver a well-crafted story with compelling narrative. Alongside, the expansion will also introduce new gameplay mechanics introduced along with fresh environments and activities. All the new expansions will be available with the game’s season pass.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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