Mass Effect 3 to Touchdown on Weather Balloons

I thought I would be relieved, but after playing Mass Effect 3 demo, I am aching to wait for the final version to release on March 6, 2012.  Till then, I can track the weather balloons taped with Mass Effect 3 space copies that EA had launched from New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London, and Paris through their official site or Twitter feed.

Seriously people, if you didn’t hear the new bizarre marketing strategy that EA adopted, this is what they have done. They have literally launched 6 copies of Mass Effect 3 with GPS tracking devices into the hemisphere and the lucky ones will get those copies one week before the official launch.

With only days before the final release, what makes the last hope of earthlings reliable on Commander Shepherd’s shoulders? Even though we only got a glimpse of the universe from the demo, I am solid sure the game will be the best of all from the series.

When Mass effect 2 was released, some our gamers had complaints regarding the exclusion of land exploration vehicle and planet mining, as they say it had lost its sci -fi charm. For me, I loved each and every part of the Mass Effect 2, and the only complaints I have is about the game giving problems to my biological clock.

Anyway, ME2 had great storyline, superb soundtracks, very less bugs and of course the save game importing feature. According to Casey Hudson, Executive producer of Mass Effect franchise, they have collected lots of feedbacks from gamers to make the conclusion title perfect by all means.

And it is true. If you check out the latest news regarding ME3, you will find new features like four player Multiplayer Co-op mode, Kinect Voice command function, Refined Cover System, Improved graphics and weapon upgrade system.

Mass Effect 3 can be played in three different campaign modes. RPG Mode for those who need the real Mass Effect experience, Story Mode for those who are seeking less combat and more story and the final, Action Mode for gun blazing without the automatic conversation replies.

Those gamers who are new to the series will never find it difficult, thanks to the categorizing system. As you know, for playing Mass effect 3, Origin is required to be setup on your machines.

During an interview with CVG, Casey Hudson spoke about Origin, clarified that it’s not an intrusive DRM scheme and that it only requires you to sign up for ME3 services; which means you can play offline.

After the single authorization step, you can install Mass effect 3 as many times as you want. Well, I think the next time they gear up to launch any sequels, they will probably blast off some reaper ships, programmed to land just before the official release.


Author: Vinay Mohan

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