Middle-earth: Shadow of War Upcoming Expansions Detailed

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is receiving a slew of updates with new DLC announced for the game. Publisher Warner Bros. has detailed the new additions along with a new trailer, giving us glimpses of the new tribes and the story campaign.

The expansion will include four new additions. Two of them are formed by new tribes- Slaughter and Outlaw. The former is a tribe of gruesome Orcs that are capable of ambushing players at any point. The latter tribe of Orcs forms the home to most rebellious warriors in the Orc society. So expect some gripping moments with the expansion.

Both the tribe additions will be arriving in November. Alongside, it will also be adding new missions, a new fortress, monuments, outposts and new Epic and Legendary Orcs.

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The other two additions in the expansion, which will be story additions, will be arriving only by 2018. The first to arrive will be The Blade of Galadriel, which will be releasing in February. Players take up the role of Eltarie, an elite assassin who can harness the Light of Galadriel with a slew of new combat abilities, skills, and gear. The expansion will also see the addition of new Nemesis characters that include Flint and Tinder and the Slayer of the Dead.

The second to arrive will be the Desolation of Mordor, and it will be arriving on May. Players will assume the role of Baranor to command the forces of Man against a newly born threat of the Orc from the East. Players will be able to craft new gears. The story will be set in an entirely new region, dubbed the Desert of Lithlad.

All the packs will be available for purchase individually, with the first three expansion costing $15. Desolation of Mordor will be priced at $20. Players can also grab all the expansions through the $40 season pass that’s available right now. Owners of the Gold Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be receiving all the expansions free of cost when they arrive.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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