Monster Roller Begins March; Heads for Your Smartphone

Monsters needn’t always be colossal figures; they can be the endearing little ones too. That’s what I felt when I bumped into the monsters from Monster Roller.

But I was downright wrong, which I realized the moment I encountered these winsome creatures in the engaging arenas.

Boomzap’s upcoming monster strategy game is one such place where you get to tame some wild and vivid monsters whose rage is laid bare once you take them to charge upon other monsters.

The game features a turn-based hybrid slot machine combat system with which your team of monsters fight online against another team controlled by online players or CPU.

The final slot in each reel corresponds to the attack your monsters make. It’s easy to put it the way it is in the slot machines of this game, but there’s more in Monster Roller than letting it roll by itself.

Gaming elements that deal with slot machine systems usually keeps up craving for luck. But in Monster Roller, you create your own luck. It’s your planning that works out the way to success.

Choose how you want to deal with your monstrous enemies. Single out an enemy from your team to pounce the charge of all your teammates upon  the chosen one in one shot, or play it nice by shielding yourself, waiting for the right move to expel the fury. Either way, your brain has got some work to do.

Prepping up your team is where your skills might get tested the most. Your monsters keep on evolving, and it’s you who decide when and where to put them.

A team of six can be deployed in a single match, where you get to deploy three at the beginning. The benched ones will have their chances once one of your team expires the health upon attack from the enemies.

We haven’t seen plenty of games where the monsters join forces to prove their worth, and that’s exactly the part with which Monster Roller felt unprecedented for me.

Wise placing of your teams are essential here, as it’s wise to share your monster powers with the rest sometime.

The highly intelligent Nattylus monster can spare its move to boost the attack impact of its teammates, and peace-loving Fernandons can revive its ill-fated allies. So it’s all your decision at the end that makes you either a winner or loser in the arena.

Monster Roller also features a hatching system, where you collect unique eggs to hatch new breeds of monsters, each of which continues to evolve over time.

Combine this with the traits of the rest and you can further evolve your monsters into new beasts. Master your monsters eventually to have all 42 monsters unlocked, along with the evolved ones.

The game also features a coin system, which you can fill through multiple ways, including an in-match filling system based on the match in reel elements. You can also get other bonuses through various daily challenges.

Monster Roller will be arriving for your iPhones and Androids on January 27th.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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