Necromancer is Coming to Diaoblo 3 Next Week

Necromancer was much cherished when it was opened up through beta a couple of months ago. And it’s now time we absorb the real joy as Necromancer is now heading to Diablo 3 in its fully-fledged form next week.

Necromancer will be arriving to Diablo 3 next Tuesday, and it will be made available digitally on the Blizzard Shop for $14.99. The returning class will pack full features along with the collection of skills, runes and passive abilities. Besides, classic abilities including the bone spear and corpse explosion is also making the return with the class. The class will also be able to down enemies with curses and charge upon enemies using companions from the underworld.

Blizzard has announced the return of Necromancer class to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Diablo series. The class was slated for release some time later this year, but Blizzard has made the call quite early to cop with the anticipation.

The beta testing for the character had been open for quite a time, letting Blizzard do further fine polishing to the much loved class. You can find more about the class from the official Q&A.

The Necromancer pack arriving next week will also comprise a new pet, the twisted and misshapen Half-formed Golem. Additional items include Wings of Crypt Guardian, two extra character slots, two stash tabs, and a Necromancer portrait, banner, sigil, accent and Blood Master pennant.

Apart from that, Blizzard will also have a free update that will add Challenge Rifts to Diablo 3. Additionally, leaderboards will be provided each week to let you compete with friends.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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