Microsoft Pulls Down Nintendo 64 Emulator from XB Store

Nintendo 64 Emulator app called Win64e10 that let users play classic Nintendo 64 titles on Xbox One, has now been taken down by Microsoft.

It’s not been much days since we heard about the Nintendo 64 Emulator that appeared on Xbox One Store. The app,called Win64e10, emulated classic Nintendo games on Xbox One, letting players cherish some of the Nintendo classics.

Introduced over the weekend, the app has been creating a buzz later on. But like expected, Microsoft has now stepped in to the scene to bring down the app from its store. Confirming the pull-down, a Microsoft representative added that reviews showed the app violating the Windows Store policies.

The Win64e10 app was introduced to Xbox One store last week for a price of £7.69 (~$10). The app was initially hidden in the marketplace due to the lack of approval from Microsoft. It was still available for download if users could spot it, which is not a big deal if aware of the app name. The app featured various classic Nintendo games including the ones like Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64.

Nintendo 64 Emulator

According to Reddit comments, those who have already installed the app will still be able to enjoy the Nintendo 64 Emulator app despite it being taken down from the stores. However, they will not be receiving any further updates or patches, which means that they will have to bear with all the issues the game is having right now.

It was during earlier this year that Microsoft introduced support for Universal Windows Platform through an Xbox One Update. Through this update, Microsoft allowed the running of Windows Store app on the Xbox One Store. Earlier this month, another app also got popped up that allowed Nintendo emulation on Xbox One.

You can check the below video to see the emulated action of Nintendo 64 games on the Xbox One platform.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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