Outlast 2 Deals: Get the First Game at No Additional Cost

The launch-week deal from Humble Store will let you grab Outlast 2 and a digital copy of the original game from the series at no additional charge

Now that Outlast 2 has been released, we certainly know that many of you might be thinking of from where to buy the game. Well, if you are interested in going back to the roots, then we have a deal that could get you excited.

Humble Store is up with an offer that will hand you two games at the cost of one. Those include Outlast 2 and the original game from the series. So if you haven’t yet experienced the original gameplay of the series, then it’s obviously the best deal you can come across.

Outlast 2, Putlast, Outlast Trinity, Outlast PC, Outlast free game, Outlast DLC, Outlast offers, Outlast 2, Outlast 2 release, Outlast 2 australia release, Outlast 2 rating,Players who purchase Outlast 2 from Humble Store will be provided with the digital copy of the first game. The Steam keys will be provided that can be used through windows, and yes, they are DRM-free.

If you want more than just the two games, then you can go for Outlast Trinity bundle that has made its way on to the stores today. The bundle includes the two games from the series and also the Whistle Blower DLC. The good part is that the bundle is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and not just reserved to the PC platform.

The reviews of the game are only showing up. So in the meantime, you can check the below video that takes you through the opening ten minutes of the game to get a knack of the game.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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