Overwatch Crosses 35-Million Milestone on All Platforms

Blizzard, the developer of multiplayer online FPS Overwatch has announced an incredible achievement. The game that was launched a little over a year ago has now garnered over 35 million players on all platforms.

Blizzard has revealed the staggering numbers alongside thanking the fans for grouping up with the team on its eventful journey. They a haven’t given further insights of the figure although.

Overwatch was launched during May the previous year, and ever since, the player base been showing an upward incline. The launch witnessed around 7 million players’ involvement, and it showed a jump to 10 million, the first milestone, shortly after the growth became steady.

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It was only during April this year that Overwatch crossed the 30 million players’ milestone. That’s incredible, considering that it didn’t even take a year to cross that tally.

The numbers, however, doesn’t reflect the individual sales of the game, as these can only be related to unique users. Yet, the title is a big game on all platforms, which is reflected by the fact that it’s the fastest franchise for Activision Blizzard to reach billion-dollar status.

Overwatch has also received the new Junkenstein’s Revenge event. The Halloween event will be live until November 1.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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