PC Still the Most Used Platform for Gaming: Report

The report also underlines that it’s Xbox One gamers who dedicated their most part of the day for gaming alone, followed by Nintendo Wii U gamers. 

The current-gen lineup of consoles will soon be undergoing a slight revamp to catch up with the graphic prowess offered by PC devices. It looks like Xbox and PlayStation are closing in on it. But as with the gaming engagement, it appears that Sony and Microsoft will take ages to compete with the desktop computing segment.

An entertainment report from the Global Web Index, which covered various topics related to gaming, now uncovers that desktops and laptops still remain the most used platforms as far as playing games are concerned. According to the report, over 6 out of 10 people enjoyed their gaming moments in either a PC or a laptop.

The report showed that around 65% of the users used laptops or desktops for playing games. This was followed by smartphone gaming platform, which accounted to around 64% users, falling only slightly short behind the personal computer platform. Tablet gaming followed smartphones under the list of most used devices for gaming with a usage share of 34%.

Gaming 1Interestingly, console game managed to grab only the fourth spot with a contribution of 31% users using the consoles. This includes all the current gain mainstream console including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Handheld consoles were used by around 14% of the total participants according to the report. Interestingly, there was also a sizable amount of users who used mobiles (not smartphones) for gaming.

Apart from this data, the GWI Entertainment report also lined up over 17,000 gamers to find out the time they spent for games a day. Interestingly, Xbox One emerged as the winner, with an average Xbox One user dedicating around 2:27 hours a day for gaming. Nintendo emerged the runner up, with an average daily game time of 2:26 hours.

PlayStation 4, which holds hefty figures in terms of ownership, fell back with an average game-time of 2:15 hours.

Gaming Following the top three were Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii platforms, each with an average game-time of under 2 hours. This clearly shows old age platforms are finding it hard to keep its players engaged throughout a day. And that’s despite outrunning the current-gen consoles in terms of ownership count.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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