Sony is adding a 1 TB variant to its PlayStation 4 Slim lineup for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of swapping the hard drives

It might be a little late, but at least it’s here. There’s finally a version of PlayStation 4 Slim that offers 1TB storage. Not that the 500 GB in the previous version was un-swappable. But it’s just more convenient to have it all arranged rather than tweaking them yourself.

The 1TB version of PlayStation 4 has been announced at $300. If you’re wondering whether that wasn’t the price of the 500 GB variant, well that’s going down as well. Retailers including Amazon are now cutting down the price of the 500 GB variant to as low as $250 from the $300 point at which it was retailing until recently.

Sony is also playing the catch-up with Microsoft’s Xbox One S, the counterpart of the slimmer PS4, which had been offering 1 TB version for over a year. However, the pricing is the catch, as Xbox One S retails at varying prices, depending on the games that are bundled along. At least Sony is clearing the air over the choices available for users to buy from.

Yet, gamers would still want to think again before shelling out their money for the 1 TB version of PlayStation 4 Slim. That’s because you have the 1 TB version of more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro retailing at $400. So it’s safe to assess your situation before you fix your mind on one.