5 Problems Today’s Gamer Kids Will Never Understand

Looking back at technology, it could be said that indeed, we have come a long way. This is most especially true in the world of online gaming, where a long time ago, the only means of digital gaming that people knew was through simple arcade games on consoles with only very basic functions. Games nowadays, however, are capable of doing more advanced things, and one of these is the multiplayer mode, where there aren’t any wires needed and other players could come from far away, so long as there’s internet connectivity.

While the ways in which people play back then aren’t really as convenient and as fun as before, it’s still great to reminisce some of the problems gamers back in the day go through, that the modern day gamer doesn’t, before we check sites like connectioncafe and why connectioncafe recommends these routers.

Calling Tip Hotlines 

One of the things that gamer kids did in the past, that modern-day gamers don’t do is calling tip hotlines whenever they get struck in a particular round in a game. As its name suggests, these tip hot lines effectively serve as the giver of precious advice and somehow serve as the help-line when players begin to feel frustrated about repeatedly going through a round and not being able to surpass it. Given that the telephone is one which is slowly losing popularity, as well as the rise of other, more convenient means of communication like forums and help-blogs and groups on social media, Calling Tip hotlines among gamer kids nowadays isn’t something that they get to hear about. 

Cartridge Blowing

Cartridges have been a popular way of playing games back in the day when Compact Discs and cloud-based players have not yet existed. In order to remove dust from these cartridges, players would normally blow them manually. Apart from cleaning it up, this is also something which is done whenever the game does not load and it freezes. GameBoys by Nintendo, as well as the Atari are just two of the most popular consoles which made use of cartridges, and in which “blowing” into it has been considered as an informal means of maintaining the said device.

Untangling Cables 

One of the greatest conveniences brought about by the advancement of modern technology is definitely the reduction of the length of cables needed for consoles to operate. Back in the day, people needed to make sure that these long, lengthy cables were in stable condition and thus would effectively connect from the console to the controller. Nowadays, a lot of controllers and consoles connect via Bluetooth or WiFi technology, leaving you with very little to worry in terms of setting wires up. The existence of routers has also further enabled devices to be wireless in nature.

Dial-Up Internet 

Before DSL, Broadband, and Fiber Optics, there was the Dial-Up. This was the internet which made use of pre-existing phone lines, and was one which required several minutes of setting up. While it did manage to connect people to the internet, their speeds back in the day paled in comparison to what kids of today are accustomed to dealing with. While playing through dial-up wasn’t impossible, it was such a hassle, as people had to make sure that no one was to be on the phone while they were connected to the internet. One of the early Online Games which was popular among gamers was Quake, which was pretty much playable on dial-up speeds.

Rental Problems

Before there were sites like Steam and cloud-based gaming, there was rental of games. These games usually came in either cartridges, or later on, CDs or Compact Disks. These games would be played by borrowing the said cartridge or CD, and once they grew tired of it, or once the number of days as to you would be borrowing it has been set, you would have to return it. There are some instances, on the other hand, where sometimes, you’d want to rent a new game the next time around but you come to find it already rented by someone else. This is a frustration which kids of today just can’t relate with.                                                                                                           By Richard Baker


Author: gamerick

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