Project Scorpio’s Document Leak Reaffirms the Sheer Power It Holds

ESRAM, the super quick 32MB memory integrated with Xbox One processor won’t be present in Project Scorpio, which will instead house a faster, powerful RAM

The speculations surrounding over the mysterious Project Scorpio seems to be getting demystified. Phil Spencer has just recently revealed the playtest of Project Scorpio, confirming the playable state of the mid-generation console. Shortly after that, there is now this new document leak that gives us further more info on the upcoming console upgrade from Microsoft.

Obtained by Digital Foundry, the document is said to be verified with Xbox developer sources, and it reveals how powerful Project Scorpio will be when it comes out. Like said earlier, the document asserts that the mid-gen console will be 4.5 times better in terms of GPU compared to Xbox One, all thanks to the Scorpio’s 6 teraflop GPU.

But even more interesting is the revelation that ESRAM won’t be present in the new console. To recall, ESRAM was the 32MB super quick memory that was paired with the Xbox One processor to offer better performance overall. ESRAM’s presence helped developers cope with the lower memory size and speed of Xbox One.

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But that won’t be required in Scorpio, and the reason is pretty straight. Xbox One Project One will come powered with a better, speedy RAM. Scorpio’s memory will be the one that could easily outrun the performance of Xbox One, which makes the skipping of ESRAM a logical decision to embrace.

That said, developers will still have to get their games optimized for ESRAM, as they won’t be showing up with a Scorpio exclusive. That’s one thing that has been confirmed by Microsoft.

Apart from that, the paper also reveals that Scorpio will feature L2 cache four times than that of in Xbox One, which should theoretically make it on par with PS4 Pro in terms of Delta Color Compression.

With the way things are going, Project Scorpio could indeed get revealed by E3 this year, and we don’t think there would be major changes from what’s revealed in this document. Stay tuned for more. You can watch the remaining details of the documents from the video below.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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