Vaulting to Arrive Soon in PUBG; Expect Significant Gameplay Changes

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground will soon receive a mammoth feature, the vaulting ability along with other abilities including climbing and diving through windows. Brendan Greene, the PlayerUnknown, revealed the matter while briefing a panel at PAX Aus in Melbourne today.

According to his words, the vaulting will change PUBG gameplay severely, adding that the feature wasn’t initially in the cards for PUBG. ‘The world isn’t to be vaulted around,’ said Greene while speaking to Gamespot. Developer Bluehole had initially no clues about how successful the game would become, the reason why vaulting was kept off its plans. Vault mechanics have also kept out of the initial Early Access launch as Greene felt the feature not be of critical importance to the overall experience.

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But now that vault feature has come up its sleeves, Greene says that he is interested to see how the feature transforms the game once it goes live. He also warned of unreal things that could take place in PUBG. That would mean that players could get launched quickly into the air with the inclusion of the new vaulting mechanic. This would come off as a result of the unfinished and unpolished nature of the game.

Bluehole will add the feature starting next week initially for the testers. Additionally, Greene also confirmed the presence of lore behind PUBG. It was written when he came up with the idea for the main island. Greene didn’t disclose more of it though.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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