Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Revealed Accidentally

An online store appears to have slipped the release date of Red Dead Redemption 2, and it seems like a fitting release date for the anticipated sequel

Accidental reveals and leaks have become a part and parcel of video games. But even amidst that, developers are pushing hard to keep mum over game specifics. Rockstar too has maintained their good reputation in this regard with Red Dead Redemption 2. But their effort seems to have got messed up with a little fumble from an online retailer.

Red Dead Redemption 2, the much awaited sequel game from Rockstar, is the one under discussion, and it appears that the release date of the game has now got slipped out from Littlewoods, a British online storefront. Red Dead Redemption has been made available for pre-order on the very site, but what has raised the eyebrows is its reveal about when it will get delivered.

The page says that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be delivered on October 2 for all those who make the pre-order. We can’t confirm on whether this is indeed an accidental reveal. Littlewoods is not exactly the go-to store for gamers looking out for purchase. Moreover, the date might also have been put up as an estimation, or a placeholder.

Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 release date, Red Dead Redemption 2 preorder, rockstarWe cannot completely rule out a release on the specified date either. The specified release date is coinciding with what Rockstar has told before, i.e. a fall release. October this year appears to be void of any big releases. Naturally, Rockstar would want to make use of it instead of releasing its game on a crowded November. Besides Online stores like Littlewoods are provided with much more information; they at least know more than what we do.

These are unconfirmed after all. We advise users to stay calm unless we get any official word on it. As of yet, the only official stuff is the promo art and the pre-rendered trailer. We can expect for more in the coming days.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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