Latest Sales Figures of Resident Evil 7 Dwindle Capcom’s Expectation

With a total shipment of 4 million units until now, Resident Evil 7 has miles to cover if it’s to meet the expectations of Capcom.

Resident Evil 7 has made a shipment of at least 4 million copies globally if a graphic on the game’s website is anything to go by.

Those figures don’t reflect a bad sale. But in truth, those are far below the expectations of developer Capcom. With an expected total shipment of 10 million copies, Resident Evil 7 will have to go way forward to achieve that lifetime goal.

This is not the first time that the sales of Resident Evil 7 have upset the developers. Back in May, Capcom revealed that Resident Evil 7 has shipped 3.5 million units. This was way down the numbers, as Capcom has expected shipment of 4 million units by March 2017. That said, it took an extra seven months for the game to fulfill Capcom’s two-month predictions.

But they have found the silver light back in May. In its announcement, Capcom has said that the failure to meet the initial target isn’t a bad signal, believing that the lifecycle for games was growing longer. Besides, digital sales have shown a slight growth.

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The comparison, however, shows that the game has managed to make a sale of a mere .5 million in the time span stretching from May to October. The downward graph can only be expected to go more down in the coming days. As it appears, Capcom’s dream of snatching 10million sales would stay a distant dream.

Indeed, Capcom sure isn’t giving up. Capcom has said that the company is planning to conduct marketing events and release further DLCs to boost the sales. We will have to wait to see how well it works out.

As with the DLCs, the upcoming one is the Not A Hero DLC, adding Chris Redfield to the game. The free DLC will be out on December 12. The same day will also witness the release of End of Zoe expansion that’s priced at $15. Both the additions and previous DLCs will be available together for newcomers with the Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition packs, which also includes two volumes of banned footage.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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