Dice to Release Free Battlefield 1 Map for Premium Members in June

The New Battlefield 1 map will feature muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir that will witness the battle of French and German troops battle it out in moonlit nights

DICE is releasing an additional free Battlefield 1 map for its Premium Members. The developers have revealed that the new map, called Nivelle Nights, will be arriving for the premium users of the game in July.

Interestingly, this will be for the first time that the developers are offering a map for premium members outside the expansion pack.Though not part of any of the game’s upcoming expansion, the map does incline towards the conflict featured by the recent DLC, They Shall Not Pass.

As of now, there aren’t any big details available about the new map addition, except for a small description and a screenshot. Here’s what the description reads.

“As darkness falls over the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir, French and German batteries prepare to yet again support their troops on the contested ground. The moon, the searchlights, and the artillery lights up the night skies, exposing the vast network of trenches.”

Interestingly, DICE has recently revealed Premium Friends feature through which it let sharing of maps that were available exclusively to premium subscribers with non-premium members as well. Though there wasn’t any particular restriction to the availability of maps at the point of launch, we will have to wait to see if that gets carried forward to this new standalone addition.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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