Steam Controller Unlocks Mapping Support for Xbox Controllers

Steam Controller interface now lets players map Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers along with a host of generic X-Input gamepads, joysticks and other peripherals

Valve is expanding the range of controllers that are compatible with the advanced mapping features of Steam Controller interface. With the latest controller compatibility update, the Steam Controller interface now lets any of the X-Input controllers take charge of the mapping features including the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers.

The feature has been now opened up through beta, and many beta participants have now confirmed that the mapping features are being extended to generic gamepads, joysticks and other gaming peripherals.

Steam Controller was one of the biggest assets of the software side of Valve Steam Controller. It let players assign any button of their controller to keyboard functions, paving way for the use of controllers even for those Steam games that were designed to be played only with keyboards and mouse.

The feature was a popular one among gamers, and it soon got expanded to other controllers apart from the Valve Steam controller. The latest support for Xbox controllers follows the recent addition of PlayStation 4 DualShock controllers to the list of game pads that could be mapped using the Steam Controller.

Steam Controller

Xbox Controller Configurator still isn’t available for public build of Steam Controller. But users can jump to the Steam beta client to get hold of the new mapping features for their XB controllers. Users can become a beta participant by heading to the ‘Beta Participation’ option under the ‘Account’ tab within user settings. A ‘Change’ option can be found there, and users can jump to the beta build by selecting the ‘Steam Beta Update’ option from it.

Users will also have to make sure they have generic input devices enabled under the Controller Settings tab in settings menu of Big Picture Mode, if to detect the generic X Input controllers. They will also have to enable controller customization for individual games by right-clicking them and heading to Controller Configuration>Manage Game.

An extra effort is required there, but it’s still worth it.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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