Street Fighter 5 Latest DLC Character Revealed

Abigail is the latest roster addition in Street Fighter 5, and he will be arriving right next week

Capcom has made a new announcement at Evo 2017. And it sure will excite all the brawlers of Street Fighter 5.

A new DLC addition is inbound, and it will be a new fighter for you to take to your fighting arena. He is Abigail, and the mighty brawler will be arriving right next week, or on July 25 to be more precise.  The big bruiser is from the Final Fight series as it appears.

Along with the character addition, Street Fighter 5 will also be receiving a new stage called the Metro City Bay Area. Apart from that, the DLC contents will also include new story and battle costumes. You can catch a glimpse of all the upcoming actions from the trailer below.

Abigail will be available through Street Fighter 5 Season 2 character pass that’s retailing for $30. This will also bring in Akuma, Kolin, and Ed with one additional character that will be revealed later.

via Gamespot


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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