Super Awesome Quest: It’s Fun to Maze through this Fantasy RPG

Games these days are gauged based on extravagant graphics, or the firepower involved. But, there are millions out there who snick the download hoping for some intriguing fun, and nothing else.

And I have no hesitance to admit that sometimes I fall among the latter group, as it’s rather fun to deal with entertainment rather than graphics, especially when playing on small screen devices.

And just when I was thinking of pecking a game to soothe my prolonged shortage of smartphone gaming, I found this new card game pitched to the app stores, named Super Awesome Quest.


It arrives from the home of Boomzap entertainment, the same exact studio that has bought games like the Awakening series. The decision to go for it was rather easy, knowing it raked some top ratings in iTunes back when it got the soft launch.

And here I was, with the game on my hand, knowing barely little about gameplay of this free-to-play fantasy adventure RPG.

That’s because you are presented with a completely fresh token-flipping combat mechanic, something to which I am not much accustomed with. But it never took much time for me to be running into the heart of the game.

Super Awesome Quest spawns two entirely different characters for you to select at the start, namely Paladin and Valkyrie. Get your wheels rolling through the game and you could see more of it being added to the roster.


The aim is simple; swinging across the missions by winning over the enemies like hunters, dragons and kobolds that appear your way, and looting the most out of them. But the way you do it is a bit different.

An array of tiles is what actually decides how you get through with enemies. Tokens get arranged on these tiles randomly, flipping of which will assign your character to perform distinct moves.

Skills and moves are limited at first, but you get to a stage where selecting the tiles becomes bit perplexing with multiple options. That’s where your instincts and skills are tested.

And yes it’s an RPG, so there are indeed options to personalize your characters. An in-depth crafting system will let you try out various tools and upgrades. You would also have the option to carry along pets that are upgradable, but I haven’t yet sorted out whether it’s of any use in the gameplay.

Even after cracking down the enemies for quite a time in the gameplay, I feel like I haven’t yet reached the halfway point; not with the gameplay, but with the customizations. And that’s good considering you want RPGs to be following the same exact way.

Also, this would well serve your appetite if you are seeking some innovative gameplay. The tile-flipping gameplay, at times feels to be more useful, and challenging than the single-click controls in smartphones.

But if you are not much into the RPG frenzy, then I fear you might not be taken aback with what appears to be an indifferent mode of gameplay throughout the game, a trait that’s accustomed to RPGs anyway.

Checkout the game on iTunes for iOS devices or on Google Play or Amazon appstore for Android devices.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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