Super Awesome Quest: You Can Now Square Up Against Your Friends

A few day ago, we had shared our game play thoughts on Boomzap’s fantasy RPG, Super Awesome Quest.

In all sense, it was one smartphone game that got me gripping for hours. And now, they are listing out more reasons for not taking my hands off it.

The game is now set to rivet us all again with a slew of new online features. Version 1.53 of the game means that you can now have multiplayer support on your ride with Paladin, Valkyrie or Mage.

Players can now get engulfed in online battles using the new multiplayer mode, or can also host the game to lock horns with your friends, or to rub shoulders in the co-op mode.

That’s not it. The online support also has expanded to create a new social hub for the players, called the Super Awesome Beta Lab. The feature will now let players interact with the rest including message support.

Apart from the online functionalities, Super Awesome Quest also adds new meta-tokens that brings battle fire and roots for control over the board.

Checkout all these super cool additions by downloading the latest version for your devices from iOS app store, or from Google Play. But before, you can also head to our review page that presents our take on this awesome game.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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