Digital Copy of Super Mario Odyssey Discounted Ahead of Launch

Super Mario Odyssey is available in digital copy version for the same price as the boxed copy if you decide to pre-order right now.

It’s not that the boxed version of Super Mario Odyssey was given extra preference, it’s just that we had to wait. The digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey too now receives some alluring offers for the pre-orders.

The deal is available on Amazon UK, where you can get the digital copy at the same price as that of the boxed copy. Both the digital copy and boxed version is up for pre-order for £41.99 on Amazon.

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Prime members can grab an additional £2 off the price, making the version cost only £39.99. The same is available for the boxed version as well. Indeed it’s an exciting thing with the game about to release in under two weeks. Super Mario Odyssey will be making the touchdown on Nintendo Switch on October 27.

Prior to this, the digital copy was priced at £59.99. So better be quick before Amazon surges the price back to normal to match up with Nintendo’s pricing on its e-shop platform. The version will be providing you the download code for the game. The total size of the download is around 5.7 GB.



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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