Super Mario Run Arrives on Android a Day Ahead of Schedule

Android users can finally end the wait for the entry of the Nintendo superboy, as Super Mario Run has finally landed on the world’s biggest mobile platform

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first ever smartphone dedicated game is finally making the merge with the world’s largest smartphone platform. The touch-and-run game has finally hit the Android stores after being available for iOS platforms since December.

Nintendo had earlier revealed that Super Mario Run will be made available for Android at a later stage back when it was first announced. It was later revealed that the game would be landing on March 23rd. But Nintendo has paid regards to the patience of Android gamers by making the game available a day ahead of its schedule.

Nintendo has barely made any changes for the Android version. Similar to iOS, the Android version of the game will be free to download, but the gameplay will be limited in the free version. Players will be able to play only up to first three stages of the game, following which they will have to pay $10 to keep Mario running in their devices through new levels.

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The Android version will also include the recent updates released for the iOS version of the game as the game will be released as version 2.0 in Android. This means that the game will include the recently included Easy Mode alongside.

Additionally, the iOS version is also getting updated with the Android launch. Version 2.0 on iOS will add new playable characters along with unlocking the fourth level for free to the users. Clearing this will also hand players with new courses in Toad Rally.  Other features added include the foundations for new buildings that will be added in an upcoming event, wider support for Easy Mode, Rally Tickets, etc.

Head to the App Store to get the latest version. Android users can download the game from Play Store.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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